30-Day Logo Design Challenge

At the end of May I decided to subscribe to the website SkillShare.  SkillShare is essentially an online class platform.  Professionals from numerous industries create content that you can then enroll in and learn new skills from.  I decided to finally join when I heard about their 30-Day Logo Design Challenge for the month of June.  The challenge consisted of creating 3 different logos that corresponded with their assigned class.  June is now over and having completed the challenge, I wanted to share the logos I created.

The first logo was an animal mark.  I chose to do the Giant Anteater.

First was the sketching stage.  Lots of thumbnails trying to bring out the form.

The final sketch was brought into Illustrator and then gridded. 
Here are the finals.  The first is just the line art followed by the colored version and at the
very bottom is the giant anteater with its tongue out.

The second logo was required to be typographic.  I decided on using Café Cosimo.  Café Cosimo is a personal branding project I'm currently working on and thought it would be fun to revisit for this challenge.

The Colorways for Café Cosimo.

The final logo challenge was creating a family crest.  I decided on using my maiden name of Werner.  The black and white version is first followed by the full color.

More in depth explanations and process pictures can be found on my SkillShare profile if anyone is interested in reading a bit more on what or why I chose to go a specific path in my design process.  As always, have a Happy Friday!

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